Q: What is Lutasun?
A: Lutasun is a prescription drug with the indication of adjunct treatment for liver diseases, adjunct treatment for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, etc.
Q:How does Lutasun work?
A: 1. Fights against free radicals to prevent oxidative stress,
     2. Removes the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs,
     3. Participates in the γ-glutamyl cycle to facilitate protein synthesis,
     4. Provides the sulfhydryl to maintain enzyme activities.
Q: Is Lutasun the right choice for me?
A: If the liver gets injured due to liver diseases, hepatitis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc., you can benefit from Lutasun. Only take it under a doctor’s direction.
Q: What are the side effects of Lutasun?
A: Adverse reactions are rarely seen even if large doses are used for long-term treatment. Sudden rash may rarely occur. Peptic tract symptoms like nausea, vomiting, etc. may occasionally occur. There will be slightly pain when injected locally.
Q: Does Lutasun interact with any other drugs?
A: It cannot be used together with VB12, VK3, monadione, calcium pantothenate, orotic acid, anti-histamine preparation, sulfa drugs and tetracycline, etc.
Q: Can Lutasun whiten my shin?
A: Although there are no established clinical studies to support this indication, in practice, Lutasun has been widely used to whiten skin in a number of countries around the world, for example, Philippines.