Introduction of Lutasun


The active ingredient of Lutasun is reduced glutathione. Glutathione has been marketed since 1970s and used in the treatment of liver diseases and detoxification. Mainly four types of formulations of GSH are currently used in clinical settings, including lyophilized powder for injection, tablet, powder and eye drop.

Lutasun in China

Lyophilized powder for injection of GSH was first imported to China in 1986. Since then, the market demand for Glutathione has been increasing steadily. In 1996, YaoPharma became the first company to develop Glutathione in China, and was able to obtain the approval of CFDA within 3 years. Today, Glutathione has been used in thousands of hospitals across China, and millions of patients benefit from the protection of Glutathione each year.

Lutasun vs. other drugs for liver disease

Presently, antiviral drugs, immuno-modulatory drugs, and liver-protecting drugs are the three major categories of medicine used in the treatment of Hepatitis B. As a liver-protecting agent, Glutathione are often prescribed together with antiviral drugs or immuno-modulatory drugs in hepatitis treatment.

Areas of clinical application of Glutathione

Clinical data shows that Glutathione is effective at treatment of a wide variety of liver diseases, including chronic hepatic disease, viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatic disease, hepatocirrhosis, post-traumatic hepatic injury, and non-alcoholic fatty liver. Glutathione is also used as adjunct treatment for chemotherapy on cancer patients. More clinical evidence suggests that Glutathione can be applied to other clinical area, such as the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases, etc.