Formulation & Dosage

Lyophilized powder for injection


300mg, 600mg, 1.2g

Administration route:

  • (1) Intravenous drip: dissolve 600mg in 4ml water for injection, or dissolve 1.2g in 7ml water for injection. Add the solution into 100ml, 250ml, 500ml physiologic saline or 5% glucose solution for intravenous infusion respectively.
  • (2) Intramuscular injection: dissolve 600mg in 4 ml water for injection then administer.


  • (1) Hepatic diseases (adjunct therapy): IV drip: 600mg-2.4g, 600mg-1.2g a time, 1-2 times a day; IM (slow): 600mg-1.2g, 600mg a time, 1-2 times a day. The dosage is dependent on age, weight and clinical conditions of the patient
  • (2) Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy (adjunct therapy): A. Chemotherapy (adjunct therapy): dissolve 1.5g/m2 of this drug in 100ml physiologic saline within 15 minutes before the administration of chemotherapy drugs, and then finish the intravenous dripping within 15 minutes. In the next 2-5 days, intramuscularly or intravenously inject 600mg of the drug daily. When using Cyclophosphamide (CTX), in order to avoid impairment of urinary system, it is recommended to give intravenous drip of the drug immediately after CTX injection and finish the injection within 15 minutes. When using Cisplatinum during the chemotherapy, it is recommended that the dosage of the drug should not exceed 35mg/ (mg Cisplatinum) so as not to affect the chemotherapy effects. B. Radiotherapy (adjunct therapy): dissolve 1.5g/m2 of this drug in 100ml physiologic saline and administer after the radiotherapy or follow the doctor’s advice.
  • (3) Other diseases: hypoxemia for example: dissolve 1.5g/m2 of the drug in 100ml physiologic saline



100mg, 200mg


Liver protection in the case of chronic hepatitis B.

Usage and Administration:

The usual dose for adults is 400 mg once orally, three times a day. The course of treatment is 12 weeks.