Mechanism in chemotherapy on tumor

Most of the cell damages caused by chemotherapy drugs occur to liver. The toxic metabolites (including free radicals, electrophile, oxygen base, etc.) of the chemotherapy drugs also cause cell death.

Chemotherapy drugs and its toxic metabolites cause cell damage

GSH can eliminate oxygen free radicals derived from chemotherapy drugs, or combine with chemotherapy drug (or its metabolites), forming low-toxicity substances.

Remove toxicity in two ways

On the other hand, GSH shows no negative influence on the efficacy of chemotherapy. The reason is that GSH needs the participation of γ-glutamine transferase to enter normal cells, but tumor cells are lack of γ-glutamine transferase. In summary, GSH protects the normal cells against the chemotherapy without compromising the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.

GSH enters a cell with the participation of γ-glutamine transferase GSH

GSH cannot enter the tumor cell without the participation of
γ-glutamine transferase